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Amusement rides that is enthusiastic during the cold season
Author: yamengTime: 2019-10-28 11:15:41
Want to play warmly in the winter? Is it too cold to stretch out? The amusement park's new and rich rides will make you have fun and introduce you to a fun and exciting "Disco Tagada". When there is no tarmac road, the dirt road that the vehicle is driving in the pits is what is bumpy. If it encounters rain and snow, the road is muddy, and the bumps are even more miserable. Nowadays, there are smooth roads everywhere, and the vehicles are driving on the road, and there is no feeling of being bumpy. Perhaps because of this, people want to occasionally recollect the bumpy "fun". Thus, a kind of amusement rides that was specially designed to make bumps was born, and the inventor also gave it a foreign name "Disco Tagada". The disco turntable, also known as the space disco, is a kind of amusement rides commonly used in large playgrounds and parks. The disco tagada brings endless excitement and joy to the passengers with powerful music, different gameplay and control personnel interaction.
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The disco tagada ride is a large disc that can be tumbled and turned to do more than a dozen sports. Visitors sit on a sofa on a large disc for a week. With the rich music, the body moves with the disc. When people sit on it, it is not fixed. When the disc is running, the waves of the sea are bumpy and undulating, and like the space flying saucer, the change is endless, and the time is fast and slow.
Disco tagada amusement rides is a kind of amusement rides popular in the world in recent years. The rides suddenly rises and falls during the operation, bumps and undulations, change infinite, fast and slow, accompanied by strong and shocking disco music. Make the passenger feel like a beating note. The amusement ride is equipped with high-power audio, DJ console, strobe lights, enamel lights and various stage equipment. The effect is even better under the night when the lights are flashing. The disco tagada is a gyro-type high-speed rotary amusement device. Under the strong centrifugal force, the passenger's hanging box is rotated at high speed, as if it has been pushed into a celestial body that transcends time and space. It turns over the river and turns around. It is thrilling and exciting, and it is very satisfying.
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