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At present, the limit of the trackless tire sightseeing train is less than 70 seats
Author: yamengTime: 2020-05-12 09:31:44
As the name suggests, the small tourist train is used for sightseeing. Generally speaking, it is mainly used in scenic spots, parks, resorts and other places. Unlike our common trains and high-speed trains, this small tourist train is a special equipment that is only allowed to ) Driving inside, and also the requirement of limited speed, different countries have different standards for speed limits. Also, at present, our limit for trolley-less sightseeing small trains is less than 70 seats. Usually, a locomotive pulls 2 cars. The standard car is 20 seats per section. It can also be made to meet the national standard.
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There is also the requirement for power. There are currently two types of electric and fuel, especially this large sightseeing small train. If it is electric, it needs lithium batteries to meet the requirements. If fuel is used, it must also be emitted in the country. Only within the standard.
Sightseeing trains are not motor vehicles, and they are not controlled by the transportation department, nor do they require a driving license. This is a special equipment. You must go to the local technical supervision bureau to get a factory (site) license. The driver can learn the relevant knowledge and obtain a special equipment operation license before driving.
The scenic train is composed of a locomotive and four passenger cars, which can accommodate 14-20 children and adults. This equipment can be widely used in shopping malls or large shopping centers, in addition to tourist areas, pedestrian streets, parks, playgrounds, community parks, zoos , Amusement parks, theme parks and other places can be used.
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How to choose scenic trains in scenic spots
1 First of all, the scenic spot should carry out the overall planning of the route of the sightseeing train, and then measure the slope and the small turning radius of the route. These two factors are two very important factors for the operation of the scenic train in the scenic spot
2. The scenic spot should confirm the number of passengers on the scenic train.
3. Sightseeing trains are currently divided into two types of electric power and diesel power. The scenic area should choose the power according to its own situation. Under normal circumstances, if the scenic spot runs less than two kilometers in length, and the environmental protection requirements are higher, electric power trains can be selected. The scenic route is long, and diesel-powered trains with Euro 4 emissions can be selected from scenic areas with high transportation pressure.
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