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Check which amusement rides is suitable for summer operation
Author: yamengTime: 2019-08-19 15:05:26
In order to better serve the friends of the amusement rides, I am also a painstaking visit to several amusement parks for the amusement rides suitable for summer operation. The following small series will take stock for everyone, the most popular amusement rides in summer.
1. Flying chair
Reasons for the list: There is no peak season, sales have been high in recent years. No matter which playground you will see the flying chair. Sitting on it is like a flying feeling, and it is still very cool.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
2. Guild wars island
Reasons for the list: You can shoot each other, not only the children like, but adults are also happy. The dolphin-themed cockpit with shells is like playing in the world of the ocean and playing with dolphins.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
3. Self-controlled aircraft
Reasons for the list: The aircraft looks cool and the lights are bright, showing a beautiful and colorful fantasy world.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
4. Sightseeing train
Reason for listing: Are you worried about the tiredness of tourism? Still afraid of being afraid of the sun? The sightseeing train meets your requirements for viewing the scenery. A playful device that is indispensable for all modern tourist attractions.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
5. Pirate ship
Reasons for listing: Stimulating but not dangerous, most people can accept, are willing to try, safe and exciting play equipment.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
6. Turn the horse
Reason for the list: the king of the square stalls, the existence of myths.
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