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Children amusement rides inspection skills
Author: yamengTime: 2020-04-27 10:19:22
Childhood needs to realistically consider the child's intellectual development and physical development to choose appropriate children's amusement rides. Children's amusement rides is commonly found in recreational places such as kindergartens, schools, and public places. The main service target is children. Children can enjoy the joys of childhood and exercise while playing a double positive role. Today, let ’s talk about the inspection skills of children ’s amusement rides:
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1. Inspection of the braking device of children amusement rides
The action of the braking device of the children's amusement rides must be coordinated and reliable to ensure that the vehicle enters the station smoothly. And need to carry out running test, start, run, brake, the test should not be less than 5 times. The children's amusement rides is required to ensure normal operation of the braking device when the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails. And simulate the state of the accident, observe whether the vehicle can smoothly enter the station. And the parking is accurate, whether the parking is convenient for passengers to go up and down. Children's amusement rides can be tested once.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
2. Inspection of handles, safety belts or safety bars of children's amusement rides
Children's amusement rides compartments or enclosed cockpits must be equipped with safety handles, safety belts or safety bumpers. The safety bumpers should not have empty strokes that affect safety, and the movement should be reliable. And conduct a manual test: use a steel ruler to measure the width of the seat belt. Each seat belt is measured once, no less than 3 seat belts. Take a small value. Check the safety facilities one by one at the same time.
Our children are a vulnerable group in society, so the requirements for children's amusement rides are very high. The above-mentioned inspection techniques we introduced to you about children's amusement rides, I hope that our children's amusement rides operators will learn more.
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