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Color makes children's amusement rides more wonderful
Author: yamengTime: 2019-10-21 17:42:05
Color has always been a very sensitive thing, and color has a great influence on children's amusement rides. Today we will take a look at the wonders of color design.
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1. The influence of color design on children
Children's amusement rides is the world of children's entertainment. Color is an important way for children to understand the world. The color design of children's amusement rides needs to fully understand the children's color psychology from the unique perspective of children. Through targeted and reasonable color design, children's physiological and psychological color needs can be met, so that children can grow their knowledge and develop intelligence. When children experience children's amusement rides, proper and reasonable color design will produce pleasant instinctive reactions, increase their excitement, positively and optimistically face challenges, and positively promote their optimistic character.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
2. The influence of color design on the environment of children's amusement rides
The children's amusement rides is set in the outdoor environment, and the equipment and the environment color interact with each other. In the color design, the color of the amusement rides and the surrounding environment should be considered. The color of the amusement rides should be properly embellished in the surrounding environment, and it should not appear abrupt. The surrounding environment color includes the surrounding buildings, vegetation, sand and other colors. The artificial lighting around the children's amusement rides also affects the color of the rides. The dark environment should not use a large area of ??dark tones, which will bring fear to people. Bright places should not use large areas of bright colors, which will cause excessively bright effects. It is counterproductive.
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