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Do you know the expertise of flying chairs?
Author: yamengTime: 2019-09-16 15:06:33
Flying chairs are well known as the most popular amusement rides, but there are few people who know the components and working principles. As a senior amusement player in the amusement industry, the Yamoo amusement has been in the amusement industry for so many years, forming a modern factory that integrates R&D, design, production and sales. Its product quality is the leader in the amusement industry. Here is a brief explanation of the structure and working principle of the flying chair by our Yamoo amusements.
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1. The equipment is mainly composed of the following three parts:
(1) Infrastructure:
Main tower foundation and ground facilities
(2) Main tower structure
The tower body is welded by the profile steel to the upright ground of the combined body, and the rotating and lifting components are dissolved by the main tower.
(3) Hanging chair
It is evenly distributed around the main tower by 16 hanging chairs, which control the price increase and rotation with the slewing bearing and the rising part.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
2. Description of working principle:
(1) Rotating mechanism:
The hanging chair is suspended on the shelf large plate, and the large plate is fixed on the upper slewing support plate through the connecting member, and is connected with the oil cylinder to achieve the ascending purpose. The slewing bearing can withstand axial forces, tilting and large radial forces. And cooperate with the output shaft gear on the reducer, the motor drives the reducer through the fluid coupling, so that the upper slewing bearing rotates counterclockwise at 13 rpm, and the lower slewing bearing hops at 5 rpm. 
(2) Lifting structure:
The lifting mechanism of the device is a hydraulic transmission. The oil pump is gear pump, the matching motor is 11kw AC motor, and the single-acting piston cylinder with piston diameter of 160mm rises or falls at 3.4m/min. The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a reliable relief valve to stabilize the oil pressure and ensure safe operation of the system.
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