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How to judge the quality of the carousel?
Author: yamengTime: 2019-09-02 11:01:50
The carousel is now a playground rides that is more popular among people in the market. The attendance rate is also very high. The quality of the carousel is very important for the amusement rides operators. Therefore, the amusement rides operators must also master Some ways to judge whether the amusement rides is good or bad, today give you some practical methods to help you judge the quality of the horse. The main methods of judgment are as follows:
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1. Motor: The core component of the carousel. Only the quality of the motor can ensure the normal operation of the carousel. Therefore, the brand of the motor is an important basis for us to choose the carousel. The good motor of the brand can guarantee the normal operation of the carousel.
2. Electrical accessories: the quality of electrical accessories affects the use of the carousel, the use of good accessories to make the carousel longer, the longer the use of the profit it earns, the purchase must pay attention to it is the electrical fitting qualified?
3. The choice of materials: we have to know the price of good materials will not be cheap, so there will not be too much difference in the quotation, if the price is particularly low, then you need to compress the production costs. the cost is low ,you can only cut corners or use other materials, so you must not be tempted to buy it at a cheap price. Always bear in mind the principle of penny wise, pound foolish.
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The quality of a carousel is mainly judged from the above three points. Buying a good quality carousel is a real earning for the amusement rides operators, and will make their business more 

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