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How to maintain and upkeep a pirate ship
Author: yamengTime: 2019-11-14 09:23:05
As a popular amusement rides, the pirate ship has a high rate of ride and wear. Then how to maintain and upkeep the pirate ship of amusement rides? What should you pay attention to when maintaining and upkeeping? Let me introduce it to you.
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One. Equipment maintenance
(1) The pirate ship maintenance personnel shall make a good work record for the routine maintenance and regular upkeep of the supporting facilities of the amusement rides.
(2) Before the pirate ship and supporting facilities are operated after the overhaul, the pirate ship should carry out more than three test runs, and each time there is a continuous faultless test run for 12 hours.
(3) Equipment inspection project the business unit shall strictly implement the annual inspection, monthly inspection and daily inspection system of the facility, and it is strictly forbidden to operate with faults. The contents of the safety inspection include: 1 inspection of the used amusement rides every year, load test if necessary, operation at rated speed, safety technical performance inspection.
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Second. The monthly inspection should at least check the following items:
1. Whether the various safety devices or components are valid;
2. Whether the power unit, the transmission and the rear brake system are normal;
3. Whether the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient and whether the standby power supply is normal;
4. Whether the control circuit and electrical components are normal.
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Third. The daily inspection should at least check the following items:
1. Whether the control device and the brake device are effective and reliable;
2. Whether the operation is normal, whether there is abnormal vibration or noise;
3. The condition of each wearable part;
4. Whether the seat belts are in good condition;
5. Check the lubrication points and add lubricating oil;
6. Is the important part normal?
7. The inspection should be recorded in detail and archived for future reference.
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