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How to make money by investing in large-scale amusement rides
Author: yamengTime: 2020-03-27 09:33:10
What we often see in amusement parks or amusement parks are some small-scale amusement rides, so for the operators, these small equipment must not make money with large-scale amusement rides. However, considering the constraints of venues and other factors, many operators are very hesitant to invest in large-scale amusement rides. In fact, for playgrounds, you can choose to invest in some large children's amusement rides. What about specific investment and management strategies? Let ’s analyze it with everyone.
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As a first step, we need to pick a large device that is attractive enough to start with. What is attractive enough? That is not only fun, but also high enough security. After all, for parents, one of the main reasons for restricting children to play large devices is to worry about insecurity. If the operator can If this problem is solved, there is no doubt that the market prospects will be very good. At this point, you can consider choosing large-scale amusement rides such as the ice pirate ship.
The second step is to reasonably plan the layout between large amusement rides and small amusement rides. In fact, many playground operators do not have such awareness now. Basically what we see is one piece of amusement rides, one piece of amusement rides, etc. Wait, in fact, this does not play a guiding role for children. If the playground wants to be more profitable, it needs children to play more, right? If you put some unpleasant amusement rides at the gate of the park, you will be able to have children. After playing for one or two, I have no interest in playing. If you put all the fun amusement rides at the door, you wo n’t let the children play, so the method is to divide it into two blocks according to the plan of the venue. The category is small children's amusement rides, and the other is large children's amusement rides, so that children can choose and play in an orderly manner.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
The third step is that there must be as many types of amusement rides as possible in the playground. Some amusement rides safety guidelines should be placed in a conspicuous place, and tell the parents of the children that the amusement rides is safe and reliable. Of course, daily cleaning and maintenance issues must also It is necessary to do a good job, in addition, the staff must maintain affinity, timely help children to do a safety tie, etc. Do not look at these details first, a good job can also win loyal customers for the park.
Investing in amusement rides is a project that consumes a lot of money and is difficult to recover costs and profits in a short time. Especially for large children's amusement rides investment, it is impossible to make the operator return to profit in a short time to make money. In the entire business process, we also need to pay enough energy to take care of, operate, and propagate.
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