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How to operate holiday amusement rides
Author: yamengTime: 2020-04-22 15:27:26
With the arrival of the winter holiday, there are more and more children in the playground. We should pay more attention to the sanitation and safety inspection of the park, and make standards, comprehensive, and meticulous to protect the health of the babies.
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1. For those plastic parts and glass fiber, we can dilute and soak them with soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, etc., then gently scrub with a soft cloth or soft brush, then rinse with clean water, dry with a cleaning cloth or dry. Spray some 84 disinfectant solution.
2. If it is an indoor activity room, ground, wall, etc., daily ultraviolet radiation disinfection, indoor ventilation should be frequent. Spray disinfection with hydrogen peroxide once a week.
3. For the soft sponge part of large amusement rides, we can scrub with a soft cloth and soapy water.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
4. For the metal parts of large amusement rides, if rust removal is required, the floating rust can be removed with a brush and cleaned with a dry cloth.
5. Moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, non-fading wooden parts can be soaked in soapy water and dried, then spray disinfected with 84 disinfectant
6. When cleaning the electrical parts of the circuit, make sure that the power is off, and it is forbidden to irrigate. Generally, scrub with a damp cloth, and then connect it to the power supply after it is completely dry.
7. All large-scale amusement rides, outdoor slides and drill barrels should not have water accumulation after rain, if there is, a hole with a diameter of 4 mm should be drilled in the lower part to drain.
8. For the disinfection of large amusement rides, you must also check whether the connecting parts are firm, the metal is frequently connected to the fueling parts, whether the circuit appliances and ordinary parts are damaged, and all parts must not be left with spikes and other safety hazards.
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