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Indoor children's park development potential and trend
Author: yamengTime: 2019-11-21 14:28:00
It is not too late to enter the indoor children's park industry, and the development potential of the children's play industry is huge. The return from investing in the indoor children's park project is very impressive.
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First, children's preschool education is increasingly valued by parents.
It is understood that 95.2% of parents now believe that childcare is as important as education. 83.6% of parents think that the important form of learning for children is games. This shows that the concept of combining education and child care is generally recognized and accepted by parents. This is undoubtedly A major advance in preschool education. Because of this, the future audience of children's amusement parks will also become wider and wider, and the market will be broader.
Second, the new indoor children's playground has more business opportunities
New children's theme parks: children's naughty castles, bouncy castles, indoor children's parks, combination slides, etc. Each project is designed in accordance with advanced educational concepts. The children's naughty castle project is novel and close to nature, making it easier to develop children's intellectual nature.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
Third, the society's understanding of children's thinking and education has increased
The degree of education for the children, most parents chose to go with the flow, reflecting that the parents' educational concept is constantly updated. Parents realize that children can grow up freely in a natural environment, indicating that the environment of family education is gradually becoming more relaxed, and the educational expectations of parents tend to be rational. In the face of the social value of this big environment, parents are willing to give children a more naughty children's naughty paradise to train their children, so as to further develop children's character.
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