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Maintenance and upkeep of the flying car
Author: yamengTime: 2019-08-28 10:15:05
As a device in the playground, the flying car attracts many tourists every day. Regular maintenance and upkeep is necessary to not only extend the life of the flying car, but also provide a better ride for visitors.
The following to introduce the speed car maintenance and upkeep methods:
1. Equipment daily maintenance content
(1) Check the appearance and operation of the equipment for any abnormalities.
(2) Clean the dirt and dust on the outer casing of the amusement machine (can be wiped clean with a soft cotton cloth).
(3) Check if the operation buttons, tables, indicators and electrical control cabinet are normal.
(4) All active parts are well lubricated with no abnormal noise and vibration.
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2.Regular maintenance
(1) Regular inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, on a weekly, monthly or holiday basis.
(2) Replace worn parts (such as bearings, carbon brushes, etc.) within the time limit of the repair plan.
(3) cleaning parts that do not require large disassembly.
(4) Check and tighten the fastening connectors.
(5) Add lubricating oil or grease to each lubricating part.
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3.Temporary maintenance
Temporary overhaul should be carried out when abnormal conditions suddenly appear during operation or when the equipment is used after a long period of outage. Temporary overhaul is mainly for the prevention of equipment wear that may cause accidents, or for the treatment of equipment that has caused an accident. In addition to the full contents of the regular maintenance, the temporary maintenance work requires the following work:
(1) Replace various bearings that have expired or worn out.
(2) washing machine parts and body casings, etc.
(3) Check and adjust the gaps between the various active structures to eliminate noise and abnormal crosstalk.
(4) repair or replace damaged parts.
Of course, all the work, such as routine maintenance, regular maintenance and temporary maintenance, including inspection content, process, and results should be recorded in detail, so that it can be checked. For more detailed questions, you can contact the YAMOO.
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