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Matters needing attention when installing amusement rides
Author: yamengTime: 2019-12-04 12:02:40
When amusement rides is used to install bearings for amusement rides, no matter what installation method is used, when the pressure is only applied to the end surface with an interference fit ferrule and the shaft is installed, the force should be applied to the end surface of the inner ring of the bearing; The force should be added to the bearing outer ring end face of the children's amusement rides. It is not allowed to transmit the force through the rolling body and the cage. During installation, the centerlines of the shaft and bearing holes should coincide. If it is tilted, not only will it be difficult to install, it will also Causes indentation, journal bending, and even damage to the bearing rings and cages of children's amusement rides.
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(1) Installation method using copper rod and hammer. It is a simpler method to install medium and small rolling bearings by manual hammering. When the Shao bearing is installed on the shaft, it is not allowed to directly hit the outer ring with a hammer. Instead, additional tools such as copper rods should be used to evenly tap along the end face of the bearing's inner ring. Do not tap on one side. Do not use excessive force. Instead, tap gently and slowly. Slow afterburner.
(2) Install with casing. The advantage of using the sleeve installation method is that, after the impact of the sleeve, the force can be evenly distributed on the entire ferrule end face where the children's amusement rides bearing is installed, and can be used with the press. When manufacturing the casing, it should be noted that if the children's amusement rides bearing is mounted on the shaft, the inner diameter of the pipe should be slightly larger than the shaft diameter, and the thickness is 2 / 3-4 / 5 of the thickness of the inner ring of the bearing. The tube is vertical. Install the bearing outside the box. 
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When making the ring, the outer diameter of the sleeve is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the bearing to be installed. When using a sleeve to install bearings, if it is not a large machine, it can be carried on a bench vise.
In order to prevent the shaft from being damaged, the jaws should be copper or aluminum. Tap evenly and slowly during installation. When the casing end cover is flat-topped, both sides of the square casing must be knocked evenly along the circumference with a hammer. When the sleeve end cap is spherical, the center of the ball cap should be hit. The inner and outer rings of the tapered roller bearing can be separated. When assembling, the inner ring can be press-fitted onto the shaft with the rolling elements, and the outer ring can be separately installed in the bearing seat hole. When installing the outer ring, the sleeve should be placed on the end face of the bearing outer ring, not on its inclined surface. If the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft, the outer ring and the hole of the casing have interference, the end surface of the sleeve is made into a ring that presses the end surface of the inner and outer ring at the same time to prevent the cage from being damaged. So that the pressure is transmitted to the outer ring at the same time, and the children's amusement rides bearing is pressed into the shaft and the casing. This kind of installation tool is only suitable for installing bearings whose cage does not protrude from the end of the ferrule, and is especially suitable for installing radial ball bearings that can self-align.
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