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Small track type amusement rides installation precautions
Author: yamengTime: 2019-11-18 14:59:05
Many operators choose a small track-type amusement rides like a mini shuttle when they operate a playground. So, what should you pay attention to before installing this rides?
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First, investigate the geographical location:
Install in a spacious area away from densely populated areas. In general, rail train rides should be installed in some spacious areas, both indoors and outdoors, to find suitable installation sites, away from crowded areas. Because this type of train needs to be rotated in the field at any time, if it is crowded, it will obviously cause people to move too densely, which will affect the speed of the small train, and it may also cause some safety hazards and collisions.
Second, pay attention to the track settings:
When installing, pay attention to the setting of the track. If the length of the general car is long, the rotation must be not flexible enough. Be sure to pay attention to the installation, the direction and angle of rotation should be relative, large angle setting, which can improve the flexibility of the car movement and avoid problems.
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Third, the specific method of line connection:
When connecting the line, please refer to the connection diagram in the manual. Connect the red (+) and black (-) terminals on the back wall of the console to the sleeper (-) in the middle of the train track with a bv copper core wire of 5mm or more. On the electrode (+), in order to eliminate the instability of the vehicle speed caused by poor contact at the joint of the track, the wiring should be connected to the sliding electrode and the sleeper. The control box should be installed in a dry, ventilated room.
Fourth, the specific method of track installation:
When installing track-type amusement rides, the track site should be flat and dry, the track slope should be less than five thousandths, the track height difference should be controlled at ±3mm; the sliding electrode should be flat, and the bolts at the joint with the rubber board should be tightened.
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