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The structure of the Yamoo Family Roller Coaster
Author: yamengTime: 2019-09-10 16:58:31
1. the car body
The body of the family roller coaster is composed of a seat, an upper frame, a lower frame, a vertical shaft rotating portion, a locking mechanism, a bridge shaft running portion, and a side support. The seat consists of two rows of back-to-back seats, each with 2 seats, foamed polyurethane seat cushion, mechanical automatic pressure bar (outer foaming polyurethane) and seat belt; upper and lower frame are welded structure; hydraulic mechanism is used for locking mechanism form; the axle support structure adopts the front and rear axles as the main and the left and right side supports as the auxiliary. The wheel frame adopts the method of setting the walking wheel, the side wheel and the bottom wheel, and the rim is made of MC nylon or polyurethane.
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2. the drive system
The main lifting structure of the equipment adopts the method of lifting the conveying sprocket, and the lifting transmission device adopts the helical gear reducer motor as the power; due to the large lifting angle and lifting speed, the cart device for the hook of the car is provided; The platform track section is provided with a friction wheel drive brake device for fixed stop parking, parking and starting of the trolley. The device adopts a helical gear to reduce the brake motor and the chain drive, and the driving speed is close to or slightly larger than the main lifting speed, the friction wheel Use a solid rubber wheel.
3. the brake system
The device is provided with two types of braking devices: a pneumatic braking device and the above-mentioned friction wheel driving braking device; the pneumatic braking device is provided as an independent braking device for the distance limit anti-collision braking, midway deceleration and pre-stop braking. Air pressure distribution system with brake brake.
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4. Track, platform, foundation
The track is made of seamless steel pipe; the track strike setting adopts a relatively compact way to make full use of the area and space of the site, and a total of three layers of track are set; the upper track is set to be horizontally curved and does not have a large drop section to make the family roller coaster speed is maintained at 15km/h; the maximum drop of the entire track is set in the middle layer, where the maximum speed of the family roller coaster is about 35km/h. The family roller coaster completes two consecutive undulations in the lower layer of the track and returns to the station; the orbital turning radius is not less than 2.5m, and the minimum undulating radius is not less than 4m. The platform adopts steel structure and anti-slip panel, which is divided into the passenger area and the lower passenger area. There are two parking points in each of the two areas. There is a movable parking point between the two areas, which can be parked and transferred to the inspection area for inspection. The foundation adopts a ring beam integral reinforced concrete foundation.
5. electrical control
The main function of the electric control is to achieve the limit-stop anti-collision interlock control of the sliding workshop, and use the programmable controller to control the work of each brake device; the main drive is set to carry the passenger state continuously without intermittent operation; the friction wheel drive brake device is mainly Set to jog; set the sound and lighting functions.
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