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Trampoline amusement rides is popular and precautions
Author: yamengTime: 2020-04-09 11:24:11
When playing on the trampoline amusement rides, under the collision of the acting force and the reaction force, it will take you out of gravity for a short time. Back and forth, rotation, jumping, unlocking a variety of postures and jumps, it does n’t matter how you swing here. Do n’t worry about the strong body hurting other people. In addition to weight loss and body shaping, trampoline does not lose any in terms of releasing pressure and maintaining physical and mental balance Another kind of sport.
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Bounce is not only beneficial to the development of children's physical function and coordination, but also to the growth of children's height and brain development. This kind of exercise is full of happiness, relaxation, and makes people forget all the pressure of work in an instant, but immersed in the happy experience of returning to childhood with children.
The impact on the limbs, especially the joints, when doing exercises on the trampoline can be reduced by 80%, and the fat burned by doing 10 minutes of trampoline fitness is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. It can be said that it is a good choice for consumption.
Therefore, the trampoline amusement rides has a very outstanding effect on people's exercise, so it is more and more popular, and the market is more and more popular.
Before going to the trampoline, you should follow the coach to do some simple warm-up exercises. You can stretch, stretch, and stretch before you can spin, jump, and do some more fun movements. Get a background wall inside the professional trampoline in the room, you can do many activities in the trampoline hall, and you can meet many friends After entering the logo design, the group photo will definitely be widely circulated in everyone's circle of friends, which not only achieves the role of publicity, but also very commemorative.
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1. From the position of indoor trampoline amusement rides, it should be set on the first to third floors of the mall, preferably not in the underground mall or on the floors above four.
2. There should be no less than two safety exits for indoor trampoline amusement rides. It is better to have an independent entrance. When the mall is a high-rise building, it is better to have an independent entrance. When the mall is a high-rise building, it must be Set up independent entrances and exits, and fire exits should not place obstacles.
3. The trampoline amusement rides should be equipped with enough fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lights for fire accidents and evacuation signs.
4. The laying of electrical lines in the park must meet the requirements of the specifications, pass through the pipes in place, and use high-power electrical appliances to keep a sufficient distance from combustibles. Formulate a practical emergency evacuation plan, and regularly organize drills to keep the evacuation passage open.
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