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What are the parent-child indoor amusement rides
Author: yamengTime: 2020-01-13 11:19:05
Many parents are usually busy with work and rarely have time to play with their children. They can only take their children to the indoor children's playground on weekends.
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Introduce some parent-child indoor amusement items:
Ocean ball
Ocean balls first appeared in shopping malls. Such an amusement rides has the magical power of gathering popularity and is therefore popular among major shopping malls. In fact, the ocean ball not only gathers popularity, it is also a good parent-child indoor children's play item. Now, the ocean ball has become an integral part of the indoor children's playground.
Without the shackles of the frame, parents don't have to worry about getting their heads or their bodies stuck. You can play big skateboards with children, you can drill under the ocean ball and play hide-and-seek with your children, you can also work with your children to push soft toys forward, you can also teach your children to distinguish and recognize numbers, and enjoy parent-child time.
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EPP building blocks
Like the ocean ball pool, the EPP blocks are gradually integrated into the overall design of the indoor children's playground and become an integral part of the indoor children's playground. Parents can work with their children to build a variety of objects with scattered building blocks, which is highly engaging and interactive.
Not only that, the building blocks are also very important to inspire children's wisdom and cultivate children's concentration! In the process of building the building blocks, parents will be surprised to find that the little ones have our unexpected creativity and imagination. This is also an opportunity for parents to learn more about their children!
Parent-child game area
The parent-child play area can be equipped with different types of video games and amusement rides, and a variety of fancy interactions, so that children can participate with parents or friends, experience unprecedented high-tech games, and cultivate the cooperative ability of young children and adults.
Devil Slide
Ordinary slides can only be children's favorite. Parents do not have any interest at all, but the devil slide is different. It not only makes children scream, but also parents are eager to try.
In normal times, parents cheer for their children. This time, let the children cheer for the parents! Do you want to be a coward in your child ’s mouth or a superhero?
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