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What kind of large amusement rides?
Author: yamengTime: 2019-09-16 15:02:56
How to distinguish large amusement rides? The so-called large-scale amusement rides mainly refers to amusement rides with a large area, a relatively high altitude, and a large number of people. Mechanical or non-powered rides for business purposes, its categories mainly include viewing vehicles, scooters, flying, self-controlled aircraft, small trains, water amusement facilities. Here are a few products as an example to introduce to you.
1.Pirate ship
The pirate ship, I believe many people have played this amusement rides. It mainly attracts many adventurous people with high swing and irritability. Initially, the pirate ship is well known abroad as a kind of maritime robbery tool, but They don't know much about it, so the pirate ship has a certain mystery after it has flowed into China as a play device, which makes people feel tired of the pirate ship. As they swing from slow to fast, they sometimes rush to the sky and sometimes reach the bottom. Thrilling and exciting.
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2. Rotating flying chair
The rotating flying chair is also called a luxurious flying chair. It is a popular amusement rides for young and middle-aged people. When the rides is running, it is like a large umbrella with a colorful hanging chair on the side, with the rotating flying chair. The heights are undulating, and the chair is dancing like a wave. The children of the amusement rides are generally less likely to ride, mainly adults, and operate mainly in squares, parks, playgrounds, and some large amusement areas.
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3. Self-controlled aircraft
The self-control aircraft of Henan Yamoo Amusement is innovatively designed on the basis of rotating small aircraft. The appearance is mostly the shape of airplanes and automobiles. The materials are mainly made of FRP and steel. The styles are beautiful and the shape is novel. The child rides on the plane and can automatically rotate after starting. The passengers on the top can control the buttons to move up and down, satisfying the children's dream of swimming in the sky.
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