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Which is better, luxury carousel and simple carousel?
Author: yamengTime: 2020-04-29 11:16:16
Carousel are currently children's favorite amusement rides such as carousel. Revolving horses are roughly divided into two types: one is luxury carousel, and the other is simple carousel. What are the differences between the two? The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.
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In terms of structure, the luxury carousel has many more skeletons that bear the weight of the amusement rides, so that it can support the weight of the glass fiber reinforced plastic. There are also some luxury carousels that have different rotation methods. Many of them are equipped with slewing supports, so this simple carousel is incomparable. The simple carousel is generally rotated by tires on the ground.
The dust-free baking room used in the glass fiber reinforced plastics of the luxury carousel, through the multiple sides of the baking, the multiple sides are very shiny, and the glass fiber reinforced plastics used are also very materials. The manufacturing process is more complicated. It's more beautiful, and the simple carousel is not that complicated.
Henan Yamoo Amusement Rides Co. Ltd.
Zhuma has large or small differences in the FRP process, and these differences are closely related to the appearance, color and lubricity of the amusement rides. Moreover, even if there is no difference in the FRP process, the appearance and decoration of carousel will also be different. Secondly, there is no sharp object protruding from the appearance of the whole set of simple carousel amusement rides. Each part has multiple models and multiple color options. And the overall design is mainly for disassembly and assembly, which provides great convenience for event operation customers. There is also a big difference between the two in terms of after-sales service. Luxury carousel can enjoy free after-sales service for 2 years or more and free replacement of equipment parts, and simple transfer horses usually do not exceed 1 year and the amusement rides Normally, spare parts will not be replaced by customers for free.
The design of a large amusement rides manufacturer's carousel used to break the original wooden horse-like structure into a variety of animal shapes, such as lions, dolphins, and tigers. The purchase can also be matched with the purchase, so that the content of the carousel is more abundant, the absorption and interest and appreciation are more intense. The luxury carousel is a classic amusement rides. Any park, square or playground with tourists can see the figure of the carousel. The luxurious carousel has a magnificent appearance, exquisite and gorgeous decoration, magnificent momentum, gorgeous lighting and noble and elegant appearance, just like a rotating crown. After the carousel starts, the carousel rotates at a constant speed. Tourists ride on the colorful, turbulent turbulence, and they seem to be in a fairy tale-like fairy tale world. Start to fly towards the infinite sky.

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